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An educational service based on community needs.

Tutoring Catalog

Here at The Learning Buffet, we look forward to helping others understand the concepts and materials they are learning in class using different tools and strategies. We offer our learners the chance to utilize these new tools and strategies in a safe and supportive environment where mistakes are not only allowed but encouraged. This allows each learner to find what works for them to be able to take back to the classroom and start seeing success! 

While some learners appreciate the ability to work one-on-one, we do also believe there is an importance to working in groups to better understand the various ways concepts and ideas can be interpreted and worked with. When learners are able to hear how others view a problem or task, this can help discussions evolve into building a "toolbox" for learning as strategies and thoughts are shared for others to use. 

Click the link below to see our offerings for tutoring. If you don't see what you're looking for, please contact us, and we will certainly see how we can meet your needs

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